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We are hear to help streamline your EAP selection process. Our system is built to save you time and connect you with the right EAP provider for your company.

No, submitting a quote request is 100% free.

No, however many benefit consultants use our service when searching for an EAP.

You can use EAPQuotes.com to submit an EAP quote request on behalf of the company you represent. This is by far the fastest most secure method of obtaining quotes and service options from different Employee Assistance Programs.

On the third and final form you are given complete control over which EAPs will receive your quote request.

You will be asked to provide basic contact details as well as your job title and information detailing the type of program you are interested in.

From start to finish a quote request usually takes under 2 minutes.

Absolutely not, The EAPs who receive your quote request cannot place you on their mailing list unless they receive your express written consent.

You will be sent an email a few weeks later from our Director. He will be anxious to hear about your experience and attentive to your feedback.

No, please visit www.eapbridge.com for information about contracting with EAPs.

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The Entire Quote Request consists of three parts and takes less than two minutes to complete. On the final page (3) you will be given complete control over the recipients of this request. You will also be able to specify how you prefer to be contacted by those recipients.

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