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The top 5 reasons why companies use EAPQUOTES to find an Employee Assistance Program.


#1 IT'S FREE and you save time!

The quote request process takes under three minutes and you will conveniently receive multiple quotes from the nation’s leading employee assistance programs in your email! You can literally save three to eight hours of your time by simply submitting a quote request.


#2 You don't have to include a number!

You can get your quotes online!


#3 You control who receives your quote request!

On the final form of your quote request you will see a list of EAPs who participate in EAP Quotes dot com. You can check or uncheck a company which will control whether or not they receive your request for more information.


#4 We are not a broker and prescreen all EAPs!

Since we aren’t a broker we do not receive a commission from the EAP you select.


#5 No spam!

The providers have agreed not to send any unsolicited mail in excess of the quote/follow-up.

Ready to get multiple quotes!

The Entire Quote Request consists of three parts and takes less than two minutes to complete. On the final page (3) you will be given complete control over the recipients of this request. You will also be able to specify how you prefer to be contacted by those recipients.

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